iClone for iOS

Returning Soon™

A combination of factors – including RL commitments, changes to the EVE data dump/API and general code maintenance overhead – have led me to the conclusion that iClone in its current state just isn't good enough, and the work involved with keeping it up to date is keeping me from progessing on a worthy update. As such I have removed it from the App Store for the time being.

Work on the next version is proceeding well, and was approaching α-testable quality. However, the styling was very in tune with the pre-iOS 7 design guidelines (i.e. heavy on the drop shadows and skeuomorphic textures), and so with iOS 7 rapidly being adopted by both users and developers of other apps, I have decided to hold off on releasing until work on redesigning it to reflect the modern iOS aesthetic is complete, rather than releasing a rushed 'halfway house' build.

I'll be releasing more information as and when there's anything to show!